Coffee Boy, Huddersfield

See how the TurboChef Sota helps keep the queues moving fast in Huddersfield’s finest coffeeshop.

When CoffeeBoy opened it’s doors in 2014 they chose an oven that not only looked the part but more importantly made light work of paninis, toasties and wraps to keep those queues to a minimum: The Turbochef Sota.

With it’s neon blue LED timer, powered coated matt black finish and ergonomically shaped handle the Sota is a head turner. Featuring prominently on a customer facing counter it has been the busy coffee shops perfect solution to serving hot food fast. Taking just over 1 minute to cook paninis & toasties – 5 times quicker than conventional grills – the food is cooked so quickly that it is offered alongside the coffee as part of the ‘drive-thru’ menu.

“We’re about to begin a period of expansion by with CoffeeBoy franchises and the TurboChef Sota will be an integral part to all of our future openings.” – Matt, Manager, CoffeeBoy

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