Scraegg – The Scrambled Egg Machine

The new Scraegg is here to revolutionise eggs at breakfast

The new Scraegg scrambled egg machine is now available from High Speed Ovens. Scaegg gives customers the ability to serve scrambled eggs in just 15 seconds.

Scraegg makes the handling of raw egg much easier than standard scrambled eggs. Using a liquid egg from The Happy Egg Co, scrambled eggs can easily be prepared without actually touching the egg: pouring the egg mixture straight into the pot.

Egg pots are massively growing in popularity. From low carb ‘Keto’ diets to the rise in high protein based diets, eggs pots are an easy nutritious addition to a menu. Premium toppings can easily be added to create versatile options.

The Scraegg is suitable for lots of locations. Food is a massively growing segment within fitness and leisure centres but many sites do not have full kitchen facilities. As long as there is hand washing facilities and and some chilled space the Scraegg can easily be installed in these restricted spaces.

The Scraegg is also ideal for cafes / coffee shops looking to add to add a breakfast offering but may not staff confident of handling food – or getting consistent results.


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