University of East Anglia Student Union

With over 5000 students on campus daily the the new pizza kitchen in the heart of the Student Union has an MXP at the centre of the operation

Adding a fully fledged pizza business to the Student Union bar has been a great new revenue stream for Union – and very much welcomed by the resident student population on campus.

Adding a pizza solution to an already busy student union was the challenge The High Speed Oven Company faced with UEA approached us last October. With limited space and power available the MenuMaster MXP proved to be the perfect solution. The kitchen is easily able to produce over 30 x 12” pizzas per hour, allowing quick service to the bar. An equally important benefit of the TurboChef 1618 that has helped the union has been the oven’s built in catalytic converter. With no available extraction in the bar area; the MXP eliminates spoke and smells and the need for an expensive extraction system.

“The MXP has been awesome. The pizzas have been a huge hit. Next term we’re looking to take it one step further and start delivery on campus” – John Webb, Bars & Events Manager

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