TurboChef announce New Double Batch Oven

A brand new oven is on the horizon from TurboChef....

TurboChef Double Batch


Double Batch Oven Premiered

TurboChef will be demonstrating the new Double Batch Oven this week at the NACS Show over in Atlanta, USA. It will be the first ever single oven with two rapid cook cavities.

A re-working of the classic ‘flatbed’ oven, the new TurboChef oven has been developed specifically for pizza takeaways and companies looking to add a range of pizza to their menu.  Whilst the oven may look traditional, it has a range of cutting edge technological features built into it.

Like the TurboChef Conveyor series of ovens, the Double Batch will feature independently controlled variable speed blowers on both the top and bottom of each oven cavity. Put simply, the operator will be able to choose just the right amount of heat for the cheese on top and the base of the pizza underneath.

The Double Batch will also feature a patented oscillating rack which was last used in the TurboChef High H batch oven. A popular oven since it’s U.K release in 2010 the High H is renowned for it’s ‘even cook’ of a pizza – avoiding the hot and cold ‘spotting’ that occur in many ovens.

Wifi Enabled

This will be TurboChef’s first Wi-fi enabled oven. Operators will be able to remotely update cook settings without the need to visit individual sites. This will be a blessing for multiple site operators! Real time event logging will also provide up to the minute point of sale and diagnostic data.

More Throughput: More Sales

With regards to throughput, the Double Batch will be able to cook up to 40 x 16″ fresh dough pizzas per hour. Two ovens can be stacked ( 4 decks in total) making the ovens suitable for high volume locations. The unit is also compact: measuring just 704mm wide by 806mm deep allowing it to be placed on most commercial counters. Of course, like all TurboChef ovens it is certified for ventless operation allowing it to operate in almost any location.

The Double Batch will be available in the UK early 2017. For further information please contact us here.