Falcon Xpress MRX

The Falcon Xpress MRX – now with Wi-fi to make menu updates even easier


  • x10 Faster than conventional ovens
  • 13A, single phase or 3 phase models available
  • Wifi & ethernet connectivity
  • 1200 programmable settings
  • From £3,800+VAT
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Combining 3 Cooking Energies

The Falcon Xpress MRX combines impingement, convection and microwave for fantastic results. The impingement and the microwave can be set to any % and altered over the course of 4 stages. This allows a great level of flexibility in order to give the chef the desired result.

  • 3000W impingement with adjustable 0% – 100% fan speed which enhances toasting and browning
  • 95C – 270C convection temperature range
  • 1000W microwave

Minimised footprint, maximised design

The Falcon Xpress MRX is only 358mm wide and will easily sit on a 650mm deep counter (total depth 743mm including handle). Despite it’s narrow dimensions, the MRX has room to comfortably fit a 12″ pizza which will cook in just 2 minutes.

A lot of thought has been given to the design of the MRX with the intention of presenting an oven with a sleek, contemporary look that will be at home front of house as much as it would be in the kitchen. The MRX also features a fully customisable 7″ smartphone-like display for intuitive use.

Easy Cleaning & Safe Operation

The Falcon Xpress MRX is very easy to clean. The oven is supplied with non-stick liners that are easily wiped down at the end of each day – no scrubbing metal! The oven also calls down rapidly allowing for expedited end of day cleaning.

The MRX also features a newly designed safety feature. The inner door drops down well below the cooking surface for safe removal of food from the cavity, minimising operator risks.

Profit Calculator

Work out how much you could be earning

Panini sale price

£1 £15

Servings per day:

1 Servings 100 servings

Trading days:

1 day 365 days

Your profit potential

  • Daily £-
  • Weekly £-
  • Monthly £-
  • Yearly £-
  • RRP 3.50
  • VAT 0.58
  • Sub total 2.92
  • Product cost 1.00
  • Profit per portion 1.92
  • Expected servings per day 30
  • Net daily profit 57.60
  • Trading days 300
  • Net annual profit 17280

Unrivalled High Speed Ovens support

We’d like to think we don’t just sell you an oven but also help you to use it to it’s maximum. We have great experience with all the ovens we sell and try to impart our knowledge onto you.

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  • Warranty comes as standard with all products
  • Onsite installation and training included
  • Unrivalled customer support and helpdesk
  • Easy payment plans available

Easy Purchase Plans

Many businesses choose to spread the cost of the purchase with finance and we can help to organise this for you. We work closely with a number of finance firms in order to help you get the best rate.

Finance deals are normally over a 3 year duration in the form of monthly payments.

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