Merrychef E2S

The Merrychef E2S  is unbelievably compact and powerful.


  • x10 Faster than conventional ovens
  • 13A, Single phase or 3 phase models available
  • Optional 2nd & 3rd year warranty
  • Available in silver, black or red
  • From £4,995+VAT


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Not only is it one of the quietest ovens, at just 350mm wide the MerryChef E2S is one of the slimmest ovens on the market.

The well insulated side panels not only keep the oven quiet – ideal for front of house positioning – but is also cool to the touch; a useful safety feature for a busy kitchen.

Different Power Options

The oven is available as either a 13A plug & play with a 900W microwave or a single phase / 3 phase 32A with a 2000W microwave element.

Generally we would advise going for the 13A model. If you think you will be cooking more than 150 cook cycles per day then we would suggest the 32A high power option, however the 13A will cope very well under pressure and is the most popular option.

Typical Cook Times

Toastie 1 minute

Panini 60 seconds

Chicken Fillet 2 minutes 30

Bacon x 8 slices  2 minutes

Potato Wedges 2 minutes 20

12” Pizza 2 minutes

Full English 2 minutes 40

Training & Support

When you buy any oven from The High Speed Oven Company, one of our development team will help you create cook programmes for your menu. Once you are up and running we are available to help you to continue to develop your menu and with the Eikon Menu software built into the MerryChef E2S, upgrading your menu is as simple as uploading files from a  USB!

Profit Calculator

Work out how much you could be earning

Panini sale price

£1 £15

Servings per day:

1 Servings 100 servings

Trading days:

1 day 365 days

Your profit potential

  • Daily £-
  • Weekly £-
  • Monthly £-
  • Yearly £-
  • RRP 5.00
  • VAT 1.00
  • Sub total 4
  • Product cost 1
  • Profit per portion 3
  • Expected servings per day 20
  • Net daily profit 60
  • Trading days 300
  • Net annual profit 18000

Unrivalled High Speed Ovens support

We’d like to think we don’t just sell you an oven but also help you to use it to it’s maximum. We have great experience with all the ovens we sell and try to impart our knowledge onto you.

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  • Warranty comes as standard with all products
  • Onsite installation and training included
  • Unrivalled customer support and helpdesk
  • Easy payment plans available

Easy Purchase Plans

Many businesses choose to spread the cost of the purchase with finance and we can help to organise this for you. We work closely with a number of finance firms in order to help you get the best rate.

Finance deals are normally over a 3 year duration in the form of monthly payments.

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