About us

We have been working with various high speed ovens for over 10 years and seen what a huge impact a single piece of kit can have on a business.


High Speed Ovens are generally ovens that combine cooking methods – convection, grill, steam, microwave – in order to cook food quicker and thus in turn serve your customers quicker. Everyone knows a happy customer is one that is likely to return.

The High Speed Oven Company is the realisation of an idea to build a website that really explains in detail how the ovens work and give you ideas on how they can add to your business. When we were researching ovens we actually found it very hard to find out information other than dimensions, power requirements etc. Useful information admittedly but not information that really helps make an informed decision what is a significant purchase.

Why choose us

We are an independent company without any formal ties to any of the manufacturers of equipment we have listed on our website. There are 100s of different ovens from dozens of different manufacturers and our suggestions on what the right equipment for your company is totally unprejudiced.

Before suggesting any High Speed Oven to you we would go through your menu, or if you are yet to open, what you would like to put on your menu and only then would we make some oven suggestions to you.

We have had years of experience with all of the ovens we sell and consider ourselves experts in how to help our customers as much as possible. We believe that that ‘help’ doesn’t just exist when trying to sell an oven. Back up & support are crucial and believe it to be an important part of the service that you can call and help for our advice at any time.

Finally all the ovens we list come with a minimum 12 month warranty – and many come with a 3 year warranty. We will only sell equipment we know to be reliable.

Finance options

Many of our customers have chosen finance in order to purchase new equipment and helping you organise finance is very much part of the service we offer.

Finance is a very tax efficient option. Lease rentals are normally 100% allowable against taxable profits, this can mean a substantial saving over paying cash. Furthermore choosing finance preserves working capital, spreading the cost and minimising disruption to cash flow.

In most cases there is a low initial outlay. Normally, one monthly payment is adequate for the initial deposit. In addition, the rentals are fixed and not subject to inflation or interest rate hikes.

For further information on finance options on specific High Speed Ovens, please get in touch and we’ll be able to give you personalised figures.