Jessop’s Bistro Cafe, Sheffield University

See how the University of Sheffield is serving great food all day in its compact bistro cafe with the help of the Merrychef E4

Peter Anstess, General Manager for Retail Operations talk about how the Merrychef E4 has allowed a food operation in the most compact of spaces.

The Jessop Cafe, in the heart of the university, is not a traditional catering space. There aren’t any extraction facilities and despite the small footprint of the unit they now have 3 Merrychef E4 ovens working.

Featuring an all day menu ranging from omelettes to chicken Caesar salads to steak & chips the ovens produce the food very quickly:

“We get many positive comments from our customers regarding the speed and quality. When we deliver the customers food at high speed, they feel it can’t possibly be their order, it’s far too quick! When they try the food they are absolutely blown away with the quality.”

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