5 Reasons Why Every Chip Shop Needs The Combi-7

The Combi-7 is a veritable superstar considering it's price. We have a look at the top 5 ways it can benefit a fish & chip shop.

Combi-7 Banner

  1. Longer Lasting Oil in the Range

Many chippies use their range for frying food such as burgers, chicken (and north of the border the occasional Mars bar!) Unlike ‘battered’ products and chips, these products tend to reduce the quality of the oil and reduce it’s lifespan. Burgers, for example can easily be cooked in the Combi-7 in just 4 minutes from frozen. Not only does this help the oil but it also reduces potential flavour transfer. An additional side benefit is that by cooking in the Combi-7, the burger will not shrink as much, resulting in a bigger burger for the customer.


2. Healthy Options

With customers increasingly interested and aware of the nutritional value of food, the Combi-7 allows chip shop owners to offer baked fish alongside their traditional fried offering. Taking the calories out of deep frying and offering a protein packed piece of cod or haddock can encourage customers to come in more frequently – and not just for the once a week treat.


3. Perfect Pies

Be it a chicken & mushroom or a steak & kidney, the pie is a central part of every chip shop’s menu. Having a high speed oven like the Combi-7 can dramatically improve the pie in comparison to ‘just’ microwaving it. With the oven cooking at 240 degrees and the addition of a grill heat, the Combi-7 gives the customers  great crispy pastry – a much better finish than microwave heat alone can offer.


4. Counter Friendly

At just 600mm wide the Combi-7 is only just wider than a standard commercial microwave. However as it can cook pies, grill burgers and bake fish it can do the job of multiple pieces of equipment – allowing anyone with an older expensive energy guzzling grill to finally remove it from the counter. Furthermore, like all High Speed Ovens, the Combi-7 does not need to be positioned under extraction giving flexibility of positioning.


5. 99 Programmable Options

Here at High Speed Ovens, we’ve been using the Combi-7 for a couple of years and have a menu book of over 50 cook programs from baked fish to 12” pizzas. We can’t emphasise how versatile the oven is (there is even a program for cakes should you be so inclined!)


Some typical cook times:
Baked Fish – 3 minutes 30
Chilled Pie – 2 minutes
Frozen 4oz Burger – 4 Minutes
2 x frozen 4oz Burger – 4 Minutes 45


A final point is that at just £2,200 – roughly £3.50 per day on finance- the oven is extremely affordable. Selling just 2 portions of baked fish per day or 3 burgers would cover the cost of finance. Perhaps more excitingly: selling just 10 burgers per day (at £3.50) would generate in excess of £10,000 additional income per year.