Caffettino Cafe & UNOX Speed Pro

We called in to see Costatino in Glasgow following his recent purchase of a UNOX Speed Pro and have a look at his menu

Costa recently purchased a UNOX Speed Pro from us as part of a refurbishment of his sandwich and coffee shop in the west end of Glasgow. 

Caffettino  is Serving an Italian inspired menu with a range of sandwiches served on focaccia and bruschetta including the fantastic Mortadella and  Stracciatella sandwich in the picture below.

The UNOX Speed Pro makes quick work of the sandwiches cooking them in under 1 minute which is perfect for the cafe which has over 30 seats. The UNOX Speed Pro has the ability to cook 4 sandwiches at once in the oven. The control panel allows you to put the sandwiches in at different times and automatically works out how long each one needs to cook. 

The UNOX Speed Pro oven is also the only high speed oven that also serves as a bake off oven. This is perfect for Costatino as when they open up it allows him to bake off fresh croissants and other ‘cornetti’ as soon as they open. When the bake off is finished, the oven can be changed to speed mode at the touch of a button. 

“The support from the UNOX Team and High Speed Ovens has been great. From Day 1 they’ve worked to understand our menu and develop the programmes on the oven so we’re super confident we’re serving a great product every time” – Costatino 


Obviously our visit would not have been complete without some of Naples’ finest Kimbo coffee and some Cannoli. Anyone in Glasgow should definitely swing by try some Costatino’s excellent menu: 

Caffettino 400-402 Dumbarton Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 6SB