The Merrychef Connex12 is now available

The NEW Merrychef conneX® range – speeds up service, reduces takeaway queues, and maximises profits

The long wait is finally over and the newest member of the Merrychef family has finally landed – the Connex12.

What is it you ask? The Connex12 is the upgrade to the Merrychef E2S which is the oven that has helped Merrychef dominate the market for the last 5 years. From coffee shops to golf clubs, pubs and everything in between the E2S was the most compact, fastest oven that Merrychef had released.

The Connex12 is the culmination of the last few years learning from intense operation and advances in technology. The first thing to notice about the Connex12 is the HUGE  7″ state of the art touchscreen that is a significant upgrade on the screen from the E2S.  It is more than an aesthetic upgrade though. The new touchscreen software allows you to press, scroll and drag icons just like mobile phone.

It allows easy customisation of both the display screen and the operation of the oven, providing the versatility to manage the level of interaction staff have with the controller and the flexibility to create a hot food menu to suit either very busy or quieter operations.


Wi-Fi and Ethernet ready as standard

The Connex12 is the first Merrychef to have have built in Wi-Fi and ethernet as standard. For multi-site operators the benefit is huge. Push recipe updates or seasonal products to all ovens in the estate in seconds rather than having to manually upload via USB. The connected oven will also let you know if the cleaning process of the oven is not being followed each day or if a cook process is being interrupted with the door opened too soon. This back of house data will allow you to improve the quality and consistency of your food.

The new Kitchen Connect software which is available with the Connex12 will give you access to an extensive library of recipes without needing to connect the oven to a computer to do a full update. Images can be uploaded directly onto the oven which is also a very welcome development!

The best news of all though: we have plenty of stock ready for shipping! For further information please get in touch via the contact us page.