The High Speed Oven Company  supplying Fortnum & Mason 

We are pleased to now be a supplier to Fortnum & Mason with a Merrychef E2S in their fabulous food hall!

We are very pleased to have supplied a MerryChef E2S to the Food Hall at Fortnum & Mason.

Founded in 1707 Fortnum & Mason, are known for serving some of the finest sandwiches in London in their food hall. Following an increase in sandwich sales The High Speed Oven Company were asked to advise on solutions for quicker food production and widening the menu.

The newly released MerryChef E2S met the desired criteria. Panini can be cooked in 1 minute: 3 minutes quicker than a traditional panini press. Two can be cooked in roughly 1 minute 20. At just 350mm wide the MerryChef E2S takes up minimal counter space. Our picture below shows it side by side with a panini press emphasising it’s narrow dimension.

MerryChef E2S at Fortnum & mason

Alongside a desire to increase the speed of panini cooking was a wish to serve warm pies and pastries. Both were ready in 1 minute – a piping hot core temperature thanks to the 1000W microwave and a great, golden crisp pastry top as a result of the top down heat impingement.

For all businesses, downtime needs to be kept to minimum and Fortnum & Mason are no exception. Open 7 days a week until late, the need to serve the customer doesn’t stop. MerryChef offer a premium 24/7 service option for a same day service, should the worst happen.

For further information on the MerryChef E2S please email [email protected]