High Speed Ovens In Action Around Paddington

With plenty of food outlets for consumers at Paddington, High Speed Ovens are out in force and used by many of the brands operating at the newly refurbished Paddington Station

For anyone looking for a High Speed Oven but not sure which option to go for, Paddington Station is a great location for research. Londoners are spoilt for choice and it is hard to think of anywhere else that caters more for the food-to-go customer. Waiting for a train at the recently refurbished station, we counted at least 15 different vendors trying to entice customers with their offerings.

One piece of equipment many of them had in common was a high speed oven. Cafe Ritazza, in the newly opened foyer is utilising the Menumaster Jetwave. Starbuck’s are using the the TurboChef Sota and Delice De France are using the Combi 7, as are Upper Crust. We didn’t see a Costa Coffee but no doubt they will be using the Merrychef E2S.

This microcosm of London food on the move tells us a couple of things. All of the national brands are early adopters of High Speed Oven technology and have moved away from traditional griddles. With built in catalytic converts removing smoke and smells it creates a better environment encouraging customers to stay longer – and most likely increase their spend.

Speed of Service

The big brands have all recognised the importance of speed of service. With lunch breaks forever shrinking, people do not want to be queuing. The ability to cook sandwiches 1 minute is a big leap forward.  For any cafe, coffee or sandwich shop looking to drive sales through hot food there will be a high speed oven suitable for most budgets. The Combi 7, as used be Upper Crust is available for under £2000. The Jetwave (in the above picture) is available for £2,250 – this is around £3 per day on finance. The Jetwave is especially good value following it’s recent price drop with a saving of over £500.

For shops with very limited space, the Merrychef E2 is the narrowest at just 350mm wide. Available in 3 colours it is also more aesthetically pleasing than some of the more commercial looking ovens. At the top end of the spectrum is the TurboChef Sota (£5,200) available in 13A or high power single phase / 3 phase.

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