Pizza Shop Focus: Increasing Sales

We go into detail with 3 top tips that every pizza shop should use use to increase sales




  • Keep delivery VERY local

When starting out staff costs are something that need to be kept under control or they can easily spiral. Many shops think that a 3 mile radius is a good distance to cover when they open up – but this is way too big for 1 or 2 delivery drivers to cover. If two deliveries come in at the same time at the furthest parts away from the store, the driver could be gone for over half an hour. As deliveries build up, this could easily take delivery time length past a time that hungry customers will be happy with. 


The better option is to rigidly stick to a half mile radius around the shop. Delivery drivers will never be more than 10 minutes away from the shop meaning they’ll be back quicker but more importantly they’ll be delivering food quicker to your customers: hotter food equals happier customers and happy customers are returning customers!


  • Have a consistent leaflet distribution plan

99% of leaflets will be thrown in the bin and even pizza shop owners hate receiving too much ‘junk mail.’ However the 1% look at the leaflet and order are the key to the success of the a shop. Too many shops look at their local area and see that there could be up to 30,000 people in a 3 mile radius of the shop and plan to send them all a leaflet. That is the problem.


Sending out 30,000 leaflets is a good number but sending them to 30,000 people ‘once’ is a bad plan. A much better plan would be would be to send 10,000 people the leaflet 3 times. People see a leaflet once and they will most likely throw it. They see it again and they most likely throw it. See it a third (or a fourth) time though and the customer is likely to recognise the fact they keep seeing the same name.


Now – it is likely they will throw the leaflet again but next time that customer wants to order pizza who do you think they are going to call? A company whose leaflet they’ve seen once….or the company whose leaflet they’ve seen 3 or 4 times? Needless to say the customers you are sending leaflets to need to be the closest to the store (see point above).


Send leaflets out regularly

Sending out the leaflets to the same customers is key – but so is sending them out at a regular interval. Try and get your leaflet in front of your target audience at least once every three weeks. Any longer than that and customers are likely to forget seeing the leaflet. <p/2>


  • Fortune is in the follow up

So you’ve put in place a great leaflet distribution plan and your delivery drivers getting food out to hungry pizza eaters quicker than ever – what next? It’s much easier to sell to existing customers than to keep finding new ones (provided you’ve given them a good first experience). As you’re delivering them you’ll have their address to send them new promotions. If they ordered online you’ll most likely have an email address. Utilising software such as mailchimp you can quickly and easily build lists where you can quickly segment customers for different promotions. This is useful if you have a group of customers that may not have ordered in a while and you want to encourage a new order.