Menumaster Jetwave in action at Grounds Cafe

High Speed Ovens installed two Menumaster Jetwaves at Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire.

Focus on the Menumaster Jetwave

We recently installed two new Menumaster Jetwave ovens into the  Grounds Cafe in Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire. Set amongst the trails in the forest, the cafe sees a constant stream of customers looking for some hot food and coffee. Part of the AE Catering group, the cafe at Salcey Forest is fitted with an impressive kitchen with the Menumaster Jetwaves at the core of the operation.

The menu focuses on deli style panini and a good variety to toasties. Using the Jetwave ovens the panini cook in 90 seconds with toasties cooking in 2 minutes. Utilising the panini plate insert to create ‘griddle’ line effect on the panini.

Why choose the Jetwave?

The Menumaster Jetwave has been available in the UK for over 10 years (this current version arriving in 2015). For cafes and sandwich shops looking for a first oven it is a very good option. The Jetwave typically cooks at 250C. It has a built in 1400W microwave is able to reach core temperature very quickly – ideal for panini and ciabatta. The current version of the oven has the option to store up to 99 different menu options – many more than needed (possibly!)

Perhaps the only weakness of the oven is the ability to really ‘brown’ products quickly. For shops with a focus on pizza the Comb-7 or Merrychef E2S should be considered. The Jetwave uses fan assisted heat which is directed from the rear of the oven. The aforementioned two use a grill element top down heat respectively. However this is a very slight criticism and the higher powered microwave element is actually an advantage for cooking denser products. For shops serving deep filled sandwiches this maybe a deciding factor.

With the oven available from £2,150+vat it is very attractively priced. A lease purchase price of around £4 per day is typical.