Jetwave Focus: Upgrading Your Panini Press

The new Jetwave Oven from Menumaster is the perfect upgrade from a panini press for fantastic toasted sandwiches

Jetwave Double Capacity Halve Wait

Is your panini press is coming to the end of it’s life or simply not coping anymore? The new Jetwave oven from Menumaster could be the perfect upgrade.

Key features include:

  • 99 Programmable menu options
  • Up 240C cooking temperature
  • 1400w Microwave element (helping to achieve core temperature unbelievably quickly)
  • Grill plate with bar lines
  • Teflon Liners on steel panels for easy cleaning

As we highlight regularly on the blog, customers are increasingly time short. Whether running late in the morning or simply having to take a shorter lunch break customers do not want to wait a moment longer than necessary.

Throughout January we ran a Jetwave in a city centre sandwich shop, alongside a panini press. The graph below shows the comparative results of the two machines:

Jetwave vs Panini Grill 900px x 325px

While the turnover capacity is no doubt impressive compared to a panini press the figures hint at another bonus: returning customers. If a customer knows they are going to be waiting less than 2 minutes for their sandwich to cook they are going to be more inclined to come back again.

Jetwave Panini Quote

Another bonus of the Jetwave is the ability to place Teflon liners on the inside of each stainless steel panel. It will be easy to clean melted cheese; it makes a mess is it easily wiped from the Teflon. We found that a typical clean at the end of service was only 5 minutes. This adds up to a lot of saved time over the course of a year!

As to be expected from an oven from ACP  the oven is very robust. A lot of work has gone into removing ‘hot spots’ that occurred in it’s predecessor the UCA1400 and it is now much closer in performance to its big brother the MXP.

Like the MXP the Jetwave is available with an optional 2nd and 3rd year warranty.