Jetwave in Action: Thunder Road Kitchen

3 weeks into receiving their new Jetwave we see how the Thunder Road Cafe in Nottingham are getting on.

The Jetwave is great oven for cafes and sandwich shops. It’s latest incarnation improves an already winning design. It’s recent price reduction has made it even more appealing and one new convert is the newly opened Thunder Road Kitchen in Nottingham.

Why the Jetwave?

The kitchen is based in the heart of the Nottingham. There is a large student customer base on the doorstep, owner Jim Anderson wanted to speed up service and bring in new menu items appealing to the customers passing by.

“The Jetwave allows us to serve hot toasted bacon rolls very easily as well as speed up our panini cooking. This helps to reduce the waiting times at breakfast service in particular” said Jim. “Furthermore if we are very busy we can now cook a tray of bacon in just 2 minutes compared to 10 minutes in our deck oven which really helps with our wastage levels”.

Jetwave in Position


Latest improvements include better air flow sandwiches typically cook in 1 minute. The improved insulation reduces the amount of heat emitted – a blessing when you’re on the working side of the counter.

Jetwave Versatility is key

The Jetwave has 99 programmable options allowing more menu options than you’re likely to ever need. The new grill plate is flat one side and has bar lines on the other. ┬áThis is perfect for achieving the ‘grilled’ look. The plate can easily be turned over mid-service too. Furthermore the manual cook mode is very simple to use and will allow constant menu development.

Jetwave Demonstration

If you are interested in seeing the Jetwave in action at our head offices in North Yorkshire please get in touch. Let us know what products you are looking to cook. We can advise you on typical cook times for the Jetwave. Thunder Road Kitchen was actually the first customer we did a demonstration for over FaceTime. If you’ve got 10 minutes spare we’ll be able to cook off a variety of products live for you!