Introducing the Lainox Oracle

The High Speed Oven Company is now selling the Lainox Oracle. We've put together a quick video review featuring some of it's key points

The Lainox Oracle is a rather impressive oven. Big screen, Teflon liners for easy cleaning, easy to programme and great service support when there is a problem make it a real contender for those in the market for a high speed oven. The real sweetener in the deal is the price – £3,750+VAT which is a fair difference from some of the others in the market. 

I cooked off a couple of the most popular products for this type of oven and they came out very well in the time you would expect (Croque Monsieur – 1 minute / 12” Pizza – 2 minutes). Programming and editing recipes is straightforward and you can use the ACP software for updating files on a computer and transferring to USB or simply do it on the oven. 


Whenever I am talking to customers about the ovens before they make a sale, there are two things I always discuss. Firstly – it’s always important to find out what the intended food is for cooking (to make sure the oven is suitable). Secondly it’s always to discuss what happens when something goes wrong. The servicing of the Lainox is covered by Marren who have fully trained engineers and get aim to get out to site within 48 hours (most often it is 24 hours). They are offering a 7 day service in the first 12 months which can only be a good thing. It’s important to emphasise the service side as you need to know the process for getting up and running as quickly as possible again. Marren do also offer an on-going service arrangement (a separate blog post on this will follow soon).

Finally, one of the things that we didn’t mention in the video is how fast it cools down. The oven temperature dropped from 270C to ‘ready to clean’ in under 5 minutes. It was so quick I actually thought something had gone wrong! 

If there is anything you’d like to see the oven cook please let me know and we’ll aim to do a video….and hopefully I’ll get the lighting right so I look less like an extra from The Walking Dead…