Merrychef Connex12 Case Study: Chango, London

We have a look at how the Merrychef Connex12 has been central to helping Chango serve empanadas across London

Chango’s are one of London’s fastest growing food on the go brands with shops popping up across the capital over the last few years.

At the heart of the operation for Chango is Bernardo Neville, its founder, who decided to share his passion for the authentic Argentine Empanada to the London community. Bernardo was born and brought up in Tucuman, Argentina where he learnt the art of making the perfect empanada.

Empanadas are perfect on-the-go snacks due to their convenient, handheld size and durable, flaky crust that keeps fillings secure. They can be enjoyed warm or cold, offering a quick, satisfying meal without utensils. With diverse fillings like meat, cheese, vegetables, or even fruit, empanadas cater to all tastes, making them a versatile, delicious choice for any time of day. 

Bernardo approached High Speed Ovens to find a suitable oven for the empanadas and we quickly settled on the new Merrychef Connex12. The oven can quickly re-heat up to 6 empanadas in under 2 minutes allowing customers to pick up a very filling meal whilst on the move. The combination of forced hot air and microwave is the perfect method for quickly heating up the core of the product and creating a hot crispy pastry on the outside. 

The appearance of the oven is also important for the Chango locations. The ovens are sitting prominently on the rear counter in full view of the customers and they needed to fit in: the Merrychef Connex12 has a compact build and the new black glass top and large screen look cutting edge without looking too industrial.

The new screen (if the previous Merrychef E2S was an iphone screen this is very much an iPad Pro size!) is crystal clear and it is now simple to upload images onto the oven for a full picture based display. Cook programmes can easily be moved around by ‘dragging’ around the screen so a layout that prioritises popular items can easily be created. 

 The Connex12 range is currently available with a 2 year parts and labour warranty and the 13A oven is available from £5,300+VAT