New Merrychef E1S now available

Now available for immediate delivery

Merrychef E1S: A new class leader in compact oven technology



The Merrychef E1S is finally now available in the UK. It is designed for small businesses looking to add a hot food option to their operation or improve throughput. A single counter top appliance, styled for front of house and programmed to produce high quality results for every order with the simple touch of an icon. It is ideal to toast, bake and cook a wide choice of dishes from both fresh and frozen foods.


An entirely new oven

The Merrychef E1S is not just a compressed version of the E2S – it has been designed from the ground up. New features include an easy to clean 12″ x 12″ cooking chamber, perfect for larger products like pizza. Cleaning has also been made easier with a single removing front air filter that is easy to wash.¬†One of the undoubted best features of the Merrychef E1S is its energy efficiency. It only uses 0.7KWh when it is in standby, saving money when it is not in use

The Merrychef E1S arrives pre-programmed with menus ranging from panini and French fries to pies. Creating your own menu couldn’t be easier by simply following the icon based instructions to guide you through personalising and programming your menu.

We see the Merrychef E1S as suitable such a wide range of businesses – from golf clubs to food trucks; from forecourts to social clubs. The ease of use and compact nature of the oven leaves it without many close rivals. As with all Merrychef ovens it comes with a 12 month warranty at standard but Merrychef offer 2nd and 3rd year warranty extensions which we believe is good proof of how confident they are in the reliability of the oven.

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