Merrychef E2S in action at the Butchers

We recently installed the Merrychef E2S at Cockburn Butchers in Bedale to help speed up service and make sure hot pork pies can be available all day!

The Merrychef E2S can cook a lot of different foods however, we don’t think many things can beat a piping hot pork pie! Cockburn butchers recently had a massive refurbishment including beautiful new displays for the meat and (more importantly…) a brand new Merrychef E2S. An institution in Bedale that has been trading for over 60 years, Cockburn butchers can end up with some pretty big queues outside at lunchtimes.

The Merrychef helps move the queues on – cooking up to 20 times faster than conventional ovens – and get customers on their way! An old panini press has been replaced and waiting time for hot sandwiches has reduced from a minimum of 4 minutes to under a minute. Wayne Pearson, the shop manager said “the oven has really helped. It’s very simple to use so all the staff feel confident with it and now our customers know they can get a hot pie any time of day.” We’re definitely fans of Wayne’s suggested sandwich of Pulled Brisket & Pickle with Melted Cheese!

The Merrychef E2S is available in silver or black (additional £200). In terms of power, there are two options; 13A or 32A. The 13A oven, which has a standard plug is the most popular option and we only recommend the 32A for sites that think they’ll be doing in excess of 200 cook cycles per day (eg 1 panini = 1 cook cycle). The 32A model is an additional £1000.

The oven comes with a 12 month parts and labour warranty. Merrychef have a team of directly employed engineers and a very impressive first time fix rate of 98%.

We’ve been huge fans of the Merrychef E2S since it’s release and it is still one of the best ovens on the market. For further information about the oven or any of the Merrychef range please get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help!