Oven Focus: Merrychef E2S at The Little Deli Co.

High Speed Ovens recently installed a Merrychef E2S at The Little Deli Co in Tingley, outside Leeds.

We recently installed a Merrychef E2S in a beautiful little neighbourhood shop in Tingley just outside Leeds. For anyone who believes there is no such thing as too many condiments, this deli is heaven. The Little Deli only opened a few months ago but has already become a firm local favourite. With North Star providing delicious coffee and a chilled counter packed with a large range of pies, pastries and sandwich fillings it is very hard to leave without buying anything. 

With the colder weather setting in, owner Sarah wanted the ability to offer a range of hot food. Space along the counter is super tight and after looking at a number of different ovens, settled on the Merrychef E2S. “The E2S is very compact but importantly, it is a very quiet oven and as a small shop we didn’t want a noisy oven to be the first thing customers noticed when walking in.” 

The Merrychef E2S will primarily be used for a small number of items. Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies and Quiches. During in store training all of these were tested and programmed to be ready in under 1 minute. They will soon be adding Toasties, Scotch Eggs and potentially slices of pizza.

A big factor in why they chose the Merrychef E2S is running costs. With sharp spikes in energy bills a consideration, the efficiency of the ovens is more pertinent than ever. Compared to a commonly used  13A 3KW panini grill, the oven uses thousands of pounds less per year to run! Merrychef have put together a brilliant energy calculator that can be used here

If you’re passing through Tingley, make sure you stop in for a bite to eat and a look at the condiments – you’d easily be able to fill a Christmas hamper with a great selection!