MerryChef E2S Now Available From The High Speed Oven Company

We are pleased to now be selling the brand new oven from Merrychef - the E2S.

MerryChef E2S



High Speed Ovens Now Supplying the

MerryChef E2S

The MerryChef e2S (from £4,399) is now available from the High Speed Oven Company. The latest oven from MerryChef is very, very good

As mentioned on a separate blog post we recently installed one into the food hall on the ground floor of Fortnum & Mason to help speed up lunch service and we’ve hand a few months since then getting to know the machine.

I think the first thing to say above all else is how quiet it is. Even in a quiet room you would barely know the machine is running. This is all the more remarkable considering the width of the oven. At just 350mm wide and under 600mm deep . There is hardly room for any insulation on the side panels.

Sitting Pretty

MerryChef have really done their homework and made sure it will sit comfortably on a counter front of house. In a further nod to this they have released the oven in a classic silver or ‘trend’ black or red. The trend versions feature a flat rear which is good if the customer is facing the oven (i.e it is on the front counter) and has a metal shelf on the top, much like the space on top of a coffee machine for cups.

Like the e3 and the e4 the e2S uses the same Eikon programming software. As ever it is very easy to programme on a PC, download menu files onto a USB and then load onto the oven (if only the software would run on a mac!). The ability to add photos to the items is a bonus and reduces staff mix ups. It is worth adding that this is much easier to do on a computer rather than on the oven itself.

Different Power Options

The oven is available as either a 13A plug & play with a 900W microwave or a single phase / 3 phase 32A with a 2000W microwave element. We have only used the 13A version so far and have found that we are having to boost the wave up 80% power when we’re trying to achieve 1 minute cook times, however nothing has as yet required the full 100%.

Where cooking is constant (rather than intermittent), customers may wish to look at the more powerful options which offer a faster recovery time between cook cycles.

Cook Panini in 60 seconds in the Merrychef E2S

Typical Cook Times

We’ve done a lot of testing in the oven and found the following are typical results. The manufacturers claim cooking speeds of up to 12 times faster than a conventional oven which whilst possible, we’re always little sceptical of: too much microwave through a product tends not to produce the tastiest results!

Toastie 1 minute

Panini 60 seconds

Chicken Fillet 2 minutes 30

Bacon x 8 2 minutes

Potato Wedges 2 minutes 20

12” Pizza 2 minutes

Full English 2 minutes 40


So who would we say the oven is suitable for? So far we have sold the oven to food courts, student unions, fuel stations and cafes – wildly different locations in one sense, but similar in another. Small kitchens, lack of counter space or extraction are physical obstacles to overcome. Customers in a hurry are another.

Extended Warranty Options

With many businesses choosing to spread the cost of their equipment purchases over 36 months, a 2nd and 3rd year warranty extension is available with the oven which we always consider a big bonus.

For further information about the Merrychef E2S please contact us here