Testing The New Menumaster MXP

We've had a new Menumaster MXP delivered to the High Speed Oven HQ and have had a play around with it

First MXP upgrade in 5 years is a big jump forward

We’ve taken stock of a new Menumaster MXP and have had a play around with it. Unsurprisingly it is very, very good.

The major point of difference is the new screen which has a very durable yet premium feel to it. Anyone (thus everyone…) who has used a smartphone will be familiar with the scrolling up and down the menu items. The oven warmed up very quickly – just under 8 minutes. Similarly cooling down was very speedy, it was ready for cleaning (although still pretty hot) in just under 5 minutes of being switched off.

The cavity is identical to the older unit. At 14″ wide it will accommodate x3 or x4 of items compared to x2 of the more compact ovens. The steel base plate that is now available also makes a big difference in terms of finished product.

You can watch a 90 seconds video below:


The new Menumaster MXP will be suitable for a wide number of locations. Anywhere with a high footfall or a demand for very speedy service will be well suited to the MXP. We will report back on how it is performing soon.