Panini Cooking: Oven Comparison

A quick video showing how the Merrychef E2S, the Lincat CIBO and the Jetwave cook a sourdough panini and the end result from each oven.

Let Panini Battle Commence!

Ok….not a battle exactly (or at all) but we get a lot of enquiries about all three of these ovens and most people are looking to cook some form of toasted sandwich. Toasties, Panini or huge slabs of sour dough bread, it’s pretty much a given that if you’re in the market for a high speed oven you want to speed up the rate you your producing this type of product.

In the video we have a look at the Merrychef E2S, the Lincat CIBO and our very old Jetwave which has since been replaced by the new Falcon Jet. Three quite different ovens at different price points so depending on menu requirements and budget one of these ovens should be able to have a significant impact on speeding up service.

The Merrychef – for it’s price point – as you’d expect is very good and is widely accepted as the market leader used by many of the big high street brands. It is almost double the price of the 2 other ovens and it may have been a better comparison to have used the Merrychef E1S which is around the £3K mark. Having said that both the CIBO and Jet have their own advantages.

The CIBO is outrageously good for it’s price – it’s easy to programme and the amount of browning it creates on products is very good as you can see in the video. The fact it doesn’t have a microwave does in some sense limit it’s uses but most people buying a CIBO are looking for a good budget pizza oven and the fact panini come out of so well is a bonus.

The Jet also does a great job on the Panini. Yes, it does take 2.5 minutes to get a good level of browning but the 1400W microwave makes it very versatile. Customers who’ve bought one have used it for everything from panini, pies and re-heating pastry items.

Couple of additional comments. Firstly, the panini in the CIBO should have been cooked open rather than closed but there is no doubting how toasty the outside was! Secondly if there are any products you’d like us to cook so you can see how it would come out, please get in touch and we can quickly send you a video over WhatsApp or livestream cooking a product. We’ve got most of the ovens set up in the office so it is easy for us to do so.