The New Menumaster MXP Coming Autumn 2016

The New Menumaster MXP will be released this Autumn. We look ahead to some of the new features.

The New MXP


For 5 Years the Menumaster MXP has been a marvel in 1000s of kitchens across the world. We’ve been selling it in the UK to many types of businesses ranging from students’ unions to airports to butchers! It’s versatility and ease of use have made it a first choice for many situations where we the customer is looking to cope with high demand.

There have been some minor upgrades over the last couple of years. My personal favourite without any doubt at all was the development of the Teflon liners that stick to the inside of each metallic surface (I still have mental scars from spending hours cleaning a burger broiler in the early hours of a morning at Bath University 10 years ago…anyway…) The Teflon liners reduced the cleaning of the oven from roughly 45 minutes down to less than 10 minutes. This doesn’t sound a huge difference until you factor in the cost saving in monetary terms of not paying someone each day to clean the oven. Or, if you are doing it yourself, the time saving allowing you to get home sooner!


New Features

I think one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is the built in Wifi. The ability to update, add and delete menu programs remotely will have numerous benefits for the owner operated store. Remote operation allows you to update program settings even when absent from the shop. For locations with multiple sites, upgrading all your menus at once without having to physically send someone to each location will offer a substantial cost saving. It goes without saying that we’ll be able to help you with any programming from HSO.



Amana have also developed a new plate to permanently sit in the oven. This will allow a greater transfer of heat through to the food, further speeding up cook times. We did some testing here and found it to also really improve browning on the underneath of a product – ideal for toasties for example.  The new plate also has 1 flat side and 1 ridged side. The ridged side is excellent for creating ‘bar lines’ on a product.

The new Menumaster MXP will be available from mid-October and we should have one in our Yorkshire showroom from early September.