Merrychef E3

The Merrychef E3  is versatile, adaptable and ready to cook all day long


  • x5 Faster than conventional ovens
  • 13A, Single phase or 3 phase models available
  • Optional 2nd & 3rd year warranty
  • Turntable for even browning
  • 3 tier cavity for baking
  • From £2,650+VAT
  • Delivery 1-3 Days 


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Expanding Opportunities

The Merrychef eikon® e3 offers the versatility and adaptability a café, bar or bakery needs to meet customer demand at any time of day. Its unique three-tier cavity and rotating turntable allows for a broad range of cooking, from delicate croissants through to batches of breakfast items. An easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen makes it easy to use even for untrained staff.

x5 Faster Than Conventional Ovens

The Merrychef E3 is a great oven for pubs, bars and sit in coffee shops & bakeries. At x5 faster than normal ovens it is not the quickest oven on the market but some of the unique features make it stand out.

The rotating base plate is great for even browning on when slower cooking. A frozen raw pastry sausage roll can be cooked in under 6 minutes compared to a normal bake of 18 – 2o  minutes in a traditional oven. This is great for offering customers the straight out of the oven freshness without the standard wait time.

The Merrychef E3 has 3 shelves allowing the oven to double up as a bake off oven – great for the early morning batch of croissants for the first customers of the day!

The 1000W microwave and gentle grilling is great for open panini which will cook consistently in 2 minutes.

Different Power Options

The E3 is available in 13A, 16A and 32A variants.

Profit Calculator

Work out how much you could be earning

Steak & Ale Pub Pie

£1 £15

Servings per day:

1 Servings 30 servings

Trading days:

1 day 365 days

Your profit potential

  • Daily £-
  • Weekly £-
  • Monthly £-
  • Yearly £-
  • RRP 8.00
  • VAT 1.33
  • Sub total 6.67
  • Product cost 2.00
  • Profit per portion 4.67
  • Expected servings per day 15
  • Net daily profit 70.05
  • Trading days 300
  • Net annual profit 21015

Unrivalled High Speed Ovens support

We’d like to think we don’t just sell you an oven but also help you to use it to it’s maximum. We have great experience with all the ovens we sell and try to impart our knowledge onto you.

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  • Warranty comes as standard with all products
  • Onsite installation and training included
  • Unrivalled customer support and helpdesk
  • Easy payment plans available

Easy Purchase Plans

Many businesses choose to spread the cost of the purchase with finance and we can help to organise this for you. We work closely with a number of finance firms in order to help you get the best rate.

Finance deals are normally over a 3 year duration in the form of monthly payments.

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