Scraegg – Perfect scrambled eggs in 15 seconds


  •  Plug & Play 13A connection
  • Also great for porridge
  • Available in yellow or black
  • From £2,995+VAT


With consumers increasingly time short and looking for healthier breakfast options, the Scraegg solves both problems. Revolutionising a breakfast favourite with it’s incredible speed, it also opens up huge menu potential using scrambled eggs as the core product.

The Scraegg is ideal for food to go outlets, fitness centres and healthcare.

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Key Benefits

High Speed Breakfasts

At the touch of a button the Scraegg uses steam technology to create perfect fluffy scrambled eggs in just 15 seconds. Scraegg branded cups make them the perfect breakfast on the go

Counter Friendly

The Scraegg measures just 30cm x 30cm x 46.5 cm allowing it to fit into even the tightest of counter spaces.

Packed inside the Scraegg is a 2L boiler which is enough water for 50 portions of scrambled egg

Plug & Play.

The Scraegg works from a standard 13A plug and is ready to use straight out of the box, requiring just 8 minutes to warm up.

Profit Calculator

Work out how much you could be earning

Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pot

£1 £15

Servings per day:

1 Servings 100 servings

Trading days:

1 day 365 days

Your profit potential

  • Daily £-
  • Weekly £-
  • Monthly £-
  • Yearly £-
  • RRP 3.00
  • VAT 0.50
  • Sub total 2.50
  • Product cost 1.00
  • Profit per portion 1.50
  • Expected servings per day 30
  • Net daily profit 45
  • Trading days 300
  • Net annual profit 13500

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