Merrychef Connex12

The NEW Merrychef conneX® range – speeds up service, reduces takeaway queues, and maximises profits.


  • x10 Faster than conventional ovens
  • Built in Wi-FI capability
  • 13A, Single phase or 3 phase models available
  • Optional 2nd & 3rd year warranty
  • Available in silver or black
  • From £5,300+VAT
  • Delivery in 1 – 3 days

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High Speed Merrychef DNA

Delivering speeds of up to 80% faster than a conventional oven from the smallest high speed oven footprint to cavity ratio on the market.

The perfectly balanced of microwave, convection & impingement technology delivers maximum performance, ensuring food is cooked consistently, without wasting energy.

Ready to go Cookbook

Choose from over 100 delicious recipes already preprogrammed on the oven, from paninis to jacket potatoes. Developed and tested by chefs, these instantly available recipes deliver a consistent, high quality hot food menu.

Furthermore the Connex12 makes it incredibly easy to develop and adapt recipes. Fully flexible programming allows the temperature, time, fan and microwave power to be set individually when a recipe is created, giving the flexibility to cook rapidly or bake slowly with limitless recipe storage.

Built in Wifi for online menu management

The Connex12 is born connected. Wi-Fi and Ethernet abilities are built in as standard.

This will allow you to easily update recipes, new menus or seasonal products anytime to your ovens. The Connex 12 can be monitored remotely from any PC/Mac, tablet or mobile device.

Quality of food can also be improved by monitoring and improving crew usage eg know if the door is opened mid-cook as well as monitoring cleaning

Profit Calculator

Work out how much you could be earning

Sourdough Toastie sale price

£1 £15

Servings per day:

1 Servings 100 servings

Trading days:

1 day 365 days

Your profit potential

  • Daily £-
  • Weekly £-
  • Monthly £-
  • Yearly £-
  • RRP 4.80
  • VAT 0.80
  • Sub total 4
  • Product cost 1
  • Profit per portion 3
  • Expected servings per day 70
  • Net daily profit 210
  • Trading days 300
  • Net annual profit 63000

Merrychef Connex12 in the News

Unrivalled High Speed Ovens support

We’d like to think we don’t just sell you an oven but also help you to use it to it’s maximum. We have great experience with all the ovens we sell and try to impart our knowledge onto you.

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  • Warranty comes as standard with all products
  • Onsite installation and training included
  • Unrivalled customer support and helpdesk
  • Easy payment plans available

Easy Purchase Plans

Many businesses choose to spread the cost of the purchase with finance and we can help to organise this for you. We work closely with a number of finance firms in order to help you get the best rate.

Finance deals are normally over a 3 year duration in the form of monthly payments.

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